Sky Republic

sustainability and performance
in your supply chain

with zPaaS

Meet Atlas® 2.0, the first zero-trust application Platform as a Service

Join top companies in the Sky Republic

Boost your AI, Control Tower, and ESG solutions
with verifiable, multi-tier supply chain data

zPaaS - zero-trust application Platform as a Service
zPaaS boosts AI, control towers, ESG software, carbon accounting software, ERP, SCM, etc. with verifiable, multi-tier data

Within permissioned communities of the Sky Republic Network, use zPaaS nodes to build and run:

- zContracts

Distributed services governing and replicating verifiable data for participating enterprises
– verifiable, multi-tier data services

- zApps

Apps integrating and verifying zContracts,
including the origin, authenticity, and validity of their data
zero-trust apps

Thrive on sustainability with Passport zApp

Passport structures suppliers' data within digital passports
and automates exchanges with clients

Connect all supplier and client tiers
in the Sky Republic Network

With digital supplier passports, you can:

Be prepared for scope 3 regulations
CSRD/SFRD, SB 253/261, and others

Sky Republic's open digital supplier passport for ESG scope 3 reporting and carbon accounting integration

Improve transparency and performance with Atlas zPaaS

Build zApps to get verifiable, multi-tier data from your supply chain

Aircraft MRO

Track & Trace serialized products

With digital product passports, you can:

Streamline mission-critical processes

With digital process passports, you can

Digital process passport to track real carbon emissions.

More Efficiency

More Resilience

More Agility

Leapfrog Blockchain / Web3 SaaS platforms EDI / B2B networks API / iPaaS

Gain competitive advantage with verifiable, multi-tier data

Open platform
with zero-trust apps

TBs of relational data,
PBs of files per app

data governance

Digital passports for
ESG and transparency

global network


integration AS IS


Our technology was built from the ground up through 7 years of R&D and projects in Aerospace

Sky Republic was named a pioneer
in four 2023 Gartner hype cycles

Blockchain/Web3, Application Architecture & Integration,
Cloud Platform Services, and XaaS

Hit a brick wall with legacy or blockchain/web3 platforms?
Move forward with zPaaS.
It's the best of both worlds.

Mohammed Sijelmassi Group CTO - Sopra Steria

Passport is a must-have app to connect your supply chain and automate sustainability data exchanges across tiers.

Arnaud Brolly CEO - Arkadia Global

zContract VM with distributed provisioning in a NIST-compliant architecture is an engineering tour de force.

Christophe Buffard Principal Architect – Kudelski IoT

Get verifiable, multi-tier data
to secure your business

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