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Synchronize your business network

When you, your partners or customers exchange assets, EDI or API fail at synchronizing everyone end-to-end. Participants frequently lack visibility on related data, documents, custody, and disruptions. Their records diverge, resulting in business friction, including transaction errors, reconciliation delays, an increased risk of fraud, and more.

As a community leader, you can solve these issues and provide a new digital experience for your centralized or distributed ecosystems with Sky Republic smart contracts — or Sky Contracts.


Sky Contracts simplify the most complex business network workflows and automate the exchange of business events while distributing every piece of data in a relational database. They run automatically on dedicated, distributed and permissioned blockchains, notarized by one or multiple entities. Our Sky Contract Platform, Atlas, provides legal enforceability, immutability, transparency and real-time reconciliation of transactions to each participant, so everyone achieves real-time consensus to reduce disruption costs, delays and frictions.

Custody management
Document exchange
Predictive modeling
Network Choreography
Last Mile Digitization
Business Continuity
Reconciliation Support
Fraud Prevention
Compliance Automation
Workforce Automation
Administration Acceleration
Working Capital Reduction
Real-Time Transaction
End-to-End Visibility
Accelerated Onboarding
Data Distribution
Digital 2.0 Integration
Cross Industry Services

The Atlas advantage

Accelerate multi-enterprise workflows at scale

The days of the siloed business are over. Today’s enterprises rely on digitally interconnected business networks of partners and customers to deliver value. The faster the digital experience, the better the outcome. Sky Contracts improve business performance by delivering consensus at scale, and they provide end-to-end visibility and control on every facet of the business with dedicated permissioned blockchains.

When you have a comprehensive digital integration, you can detect disruptions earlier through IoT sensors, operate faster with mobile apps, exchange documents to streamline administrative tasks and quickly settle business. You can reduce costs and free up working capital rapidly.

Distribute actionable data on assets

Cargo, a medical record, money, aircraft spare parts: assets like these and others represent the value behind your business transactions. It’s what’s important. You want to know, at all times, where your assets are, who is in control of them, the condition they are in, and where they’re headed next.

Sky Contracts distribute actionable data on one or a multitude of assets from end-to-end across your business networks. They can track provenance to detect counterfeits, temperature to ensure the quality of drugs or food or maintenance operations of an aircraft to certify it’s safe to fly. They do this in an automated fashion, suppressing error-prone human intervention or cumbersome paper processing.

With full visibility on past and present transactions, you can reduce the risk of fraud and tampering or even go a step further and achieve predictive modeling to optimize future operations and make strategic business decisions.

Reduce friction with real-time digital consensus

As more businesses connect, the differences in technology and processes result in multiple points of friction that hinder or even halt the transfer of assets and data. EDI and API implementations cause interoperability issues between businesses. Their complexity is unaffordable for some partners who must integrate through parallel and manual channels such as Web EDI, email or even fax. Data redundancy in messages among partners causes frequent input errors, delays and disruptions. In some instances, compliance requires paper-based documentation. EDI wasn’t designed to absorb all these sources of potentially conflicting data, nor was it intended to include data from new sources such as IoT and Mobile. Partners typically end up with divergent systems of record, which triggers friction and costly reconciliation when it’s time to bill and pay.

Our Sky Contracts integrate more easily partners, technologies, data and documents. Enforceable records are automatically shared via distributed ledgers, audited and reconciliated by each partner so entire business networks are kept informed, and synchronized on the state of the business. Sky Republic Atlas platform propels the potential of information exchange well beyond API and EDI with its event-driven digital consensus.

Package solutions to expand your business networks faster

Partner interoperability and onboarding are costly challenges for business networks. While standards help, customization is always necessary to fit real-life processes and chosen technical infrastructures. With Sky Republic Atlas, accelerate onboarding with packaged, comprehensive community solutions that guarantee code-level interoperability for every partner, regardless of entity size or technology platform.

Packaged Sky Contracts streamline your community exchanges and align partners on workflow choreography, data model, event formats, and document exchanges. Packaged Sky Apps offer templates for enterprise orchestrations, and APIs to integrate backend systems and reconcile records in real time.

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Industry recognition & endorsements

SkyRepublic team has an exceptional track record of delivering innovative and leading platforms for EDI, API and now Enterprise Blockchain.  Our Smart Contract Platform is recognized as an industry game-changer, bringing network consensus and choreography to centralized or partner to partner networks in many industries. From born-in-the-cloud startups to industry leaders, business network synchronization is now within reach.

  • “We are thrilled with our partnership with Sky Republic and are working together to build multiple solutions powered by Atlas for the Air Transportation industry. Atlas benefited from Sky Republic’s unique expertise in blockchain, middleware and B2B solutions and is the perfect platform to better synchronize supply chains.”

    Arnaud Brolly
    Arnaud Brolly Head of Product Innovation Portfolio at SITA
  • “I believe Sky Republic can improve the digital experience within many mission-critical B2B ecosystems. Atlas was designed to operate efficiently at scale which is the ultimate criteria for blockchain adoption by large enterprises.”

    Steve Gold
    Steve Gold Sky Republic Advisor, Member CIO Hall of Fame
  • Sky Republic is a member of BiTA

    BiTA Blockchain in Transport Alliance
  • Sky Republic is a member of Arizona Tech Council

    Arizona Tech Council
    Arizona Tech Council Member

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