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Synchronize your business on Sky Republic Atlas

If you want to thrive in multi-enterprise business, you must start with a platform that has the strength to serve the most demanding business networks. Sky Republic Atlas was engineered from the ground up to solve modern B2B challenges and fit into existing digital communities. It leverages blockchain and proven middleware approaches to power a new kind of smart contract — the Sky Contract.

Sky Contracts: The smart contract just got smarter

Sky Republic Atlas is an innovative leap forward, with Sky Contracts that deliver the consensus in near-real-time to large communities on network workflows, asset custody, documents exchange and any business event notification.

Sky Contracts go beyond EDI, API and standard smart contract/blockchain technologies to digitize business further, manage disruptions and reduce frictions.

Atlas: Implementation and integration just got easier

Sky Republic offers Atlas, a smart contract and smart app factory that takes the complexity out of business network integration and optimizes build-and-run costs both on-premises and in public and private clouds.

With a high-level software development kit, APIs for integration, event messaging, triggering, workflows and more, Atlas helps you configure, integrate and orchestrate multi-enterprise exchanges.

With Atlas, you achieve:

Automated collaboration
Atlas nodes ensure network choreography and multi-enterprise orchestration through asynchronous and persistent messaging.

Automatic ledger management
Distribution and audit of blockchains happen automatically within each Atlas Node.

APIs for last-mile coverage
Simplify onboarding for smaller and less technical ecosystem partners with APIs that allow for rapid integration.

Data distribution and document exchange
Atlas supports complex data models through any relational database and manages on- and off-ledger document and data exchanges.

Standardized interoperability
Deploy and reuse Sky Contracts and Sky Apps across your business network.

Business continuity
Atlas nodes offer high availability, scalability, and disaster recovery mechanisms out of the box.

Build or augment any type of business network

Sky Republic Atlas fits hierarchical, centralized or distributed networks and can interoperate with external services and heterogenous blockchains. This next-level flexibility also extends to integrate with EDI, IoT and Mobile. With enterprise-level performance and scalability and state of the art security, Sky Republic Atlas will revolutionize your business networks.

Optimize build-and-run costs 

Sky Contracts and Sky Apps are easy to develop through a high-level, event-driven software development kit. Whether you run on-premise, or in private or public clouds, an Atlas node is a homogenous hub which simplifies governance and business continuity, and optimizes resource consumption. The parallel and pipelining algorithms used to process events and the blockchains allow the platform to scale with your business.

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