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B2B/API Middleware

Secure Community Exchanges

Enterprise Blockchain

Distributed Ledger
“Smart” Contracts

Cloud Platform

Elasticity, Resilience

Managing Distributed Transactions is Challenging

Managing Distributed Transactions is Challenging

Common Issues:

  • Siloed enterprise ledgers

  • Partial community automation

  • Limited workflow & data visibility

  • Manual processing of documents

  • Increasing transactions volumes

  • Cybersecurity threats

Transact & Settle in Real-Time with
Sky Republic

Distributed ledger creates real-time accurate settlement.

Leverage Powerful Smart Contracts with Partners and Customers

Sync and Manage with Smart Contracts

Sky Contract

enforceable identities

Enforceable Identities

signature policies

Signature Policies

parallel processing

Parallel Processing

transaction choreography

Transaction Choreography

crypto-integration between smart contracts

Crypto-Integration Between Contracts

JSON repository, SQL data repository

JSON & SQL Data Repository

Manage documents across multiple parties.

Document Management

party interfaces for secure networks

Dynamic & Specialized Party Interfaces

Build Sky Apps to Automate and Enforce Complex Distributed Processes

Diagram showing Sync between Notary and Party apps for complex distributed processes.

Create, Extend, or Interconnect Large Business Communities

Build and Interconnect Business communities with Sky Republic Platform technology
  • Membership management

  • Contract distribution & on-boarding

  • Contract interoperability

  • Monitoring & administration

  • Transaction routing & persistence

A Platform Engineered for Scale

– Enforceable identities
– Blockchain or messaging patterns
– Signature policies
– Persistence and routing
– JSON& SQL repository
– Document Management
– Transactions choreography
– Party interfaces
– Back-end to contract logic automation
– Parallel processing & scalability
– High availability & disaster recovery
– Pre-packaged or custom development
– Membership management
– Contract interoperability
– Distributed, centralized or decentralized

Secure your Distributed Transaction Process Today.

Highly resilient & available network with elastic cloud architecture.

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