Sky Republic

Atlas zPaaS keeps shining
when legacy or blockchain

Atlas is the fruit of 7 years of R&D and projects in Aerospace

Verifiable, multi-tier data defines Digital Supply Chain 3.0

How Sky Republic zPaaS outperforms legacy platforms such as API, iPaaS, SaaS, B2B / EDI networks, and blockchain / Web3

Data is gold in the digital and AI era, especially when it comes to manage a supply chain. But verifying product or process data - when each can add elements - remains a challenge that can slow down business and put consumer safety or regulatory compliance at risk. Verifiable data means that any direct or indirect recipient in the supply chain can verify the following for each element:

Today, collaboration networks or SaaS Control Towers centralize and distribute multi-tier data.
But participants experience two major drawbacks:

Blockchains and DLTs got supply chain professionals' attention, as potential open platforms to mediate transparently within supply chain networks. Unfortunately, however, they disrupt current architectures built on messaging and ERP paradigms.

Atlas zPaaS provides all the capabilities you expect and desire

Atlas is the first zero-trust application platform as a service
or zPaaS

zPaaS boosts AI, control towers, ESG software, carbon accounting software, ERP, SCM, etc. with verifiable, multi-tier data

As required by current regulations and eBusiness standards in all industries, Atlas zPaaS implements NIST-compliant digital identities and signatures secured via certificate authorities. Verifiable, multi-enterprise data is governed and replicated by distributed, replayable services called zContracts, which are synchronized via dedicated ledgersUse zApps to integrate and verify out-of-the-box zContracts, including their data

With Atlas zPaaS, receive and fully verify multi-tier data from your supply chain without trusting the platform operator, a central authority, a consortium, or decentralized miners – zero-trust.

Atlas uses a hybrid protocol to provide messaging and consensus among zApps. Based on zApps activity, Atlas dynamically provisions and configures zContracts to integrate your ERP and process your EDI transactions AS IS.
Atlas adapts to fit your current systems, not the reverse - No IT overhaul

Watch this video to understand why you can
leapfrog blockchain/web3 with zPaaS

Leverage the best features in market today
fully integrated and easy to use

50+% savings on build and run costs
3x faster in production

Zero-trust and security

NIST-compliant cryptography
Identity verification – no spoofing
Granular confidentiality
Verifiable consensus

Business network

Global connectivity
Open and closed communities
Trading partner management
Dynamic provisioning of zContracts


All formats of data and documents
Terabytes of relational data per app
Petabytes of documents per app
Secure storage in the cloud

Secure messaging

EDI-based and custom multi-party processes
No loss, no duplication, no repudiation
Transaction finality in seconds
Delivery notifications

Full stack app platform

Distributed relational database
Multi-enterprise services
Digital assets, digital passports
Connectors, APIs, and WebApps


Node and software as a service
Hybrid cloud
Horizontal scalability
High availability / Disaster recovery

Accelerate your journey to net zero

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