A Private Blockhain Platform Built From the Ground Up Leveraging Proven & Innovative Approaches

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B2B/API Middleware

Secure Community Exchanges

Enterprise Blockchain

Distributed Ledger
“Smart” Contracts

Cloud Platform

Elasticity, Resilience

Business Interactions Require More Than EDI or API

Managing Distributed Transactions is Challenging

Common Issues:

  • No alignment on collective business state

  • Siloed enterprise ledgers

  • Partial ecosystem automation

  • Limited workflow & data visibility

  • Interoperability between parties

  • Manual processing of documents

  • Increasing transactions volumes

  • Cybersecurity threats

Get Real-Time Alignment on Business State Out-of-the-box

For services you provide either directly or through Sky Republic

Sky Contract

enforceable identities

Enforceable Identities

signature policies

Signature Policies

parallel processing

Parallel Processing

transaction choreography

Transaction Choreography

crypto-integration between smart contracts

Crypto-Integration Between Contracts

JSON repository, SQL data repository

JSON & SQL Data Repository

Manage documents across multiple parties.

Document Management

party interfaces for secure networks

Dynamic & Specialized Party Interfaces

Business Communities can Transact, Subcontract, & Grow without Any Doorman 

Build and Interconnect Business communities with Sky Republic Platform technology
  • Membership management

  • Contract distribution & on-boarding

  • Contract interoperability

  • Monitoring & administration

  • Transaction routing & persistence

A Platform Engineered for Scale

– Enforceable identities
– Blockchain or messaging patterns
– Signature policies
– Persistence and routing
– JSON& SQL repository
– Document Management
– Transactions choreography
– Party interfaces
– Back-end to contract logic automation
– Parallel processing & scalability
– High availability & disaster recovery
– Pre-packaged or custom development
– Membership management
– Contract interoperability
– Distributed, centralized or decentralized

Use a Private Blockchain Platform to Innovate Now – at Scale and in Control

Available on-premise, in the cloud or as-a-service

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