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What is Event-Driven Blockchain (EDB)?

EDB is a new and different Enterprise Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology providing an end to end Event Driven Infrastructure to maintain real-time consensus on workflow, database and documents, outside and inside the enterprise. It offers unprecedented levels of control, confidentiality, scalability, and security to build groundbreaking Smart Apps and Smart Contracts and deliver integrated business solutions for the most challenging business ecosystems..

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What can I do with EDB?

Transact and synchronize business with Smart Contracts

  • Token/asset registry and marketplace
  • Data/documents sharing
  • Event messaging and alert management
  • Distributed workflow automation and visibility

Automate and integrate my enterprise with Smart Apps

  • IoT, mobile, and artificial intelligence monetization
  • Integration of systems of record
  • Real-time settlement, audit & compliance acceleration via automated ledger distribution & verification

Set up private or consortium blockchains

Gain transparency and auditability in a private blockchain

Identities are verified with external certificate authorities to prevent the contract notary to impersonate other parties.

Smart Contracts can be replayed by parties to audit distributed ledgers and verify execution without deviation.

Gain control and autonomy in a consortium blockchain

Each notary can manage dedicated assets. Point-to-point networking with no central membership or ordering service guarantees that each notary is independent from any third-party operations.

Ensure confidentiality up to the individual transaction level

By default, contract parties see all transactions and related events as well as the state of the managed assets. If required, transactions, events and assets can be made visible only to those involved, which is useful in private and consortium blockchains.

Private blockchain

Private blockchain for business

Consortium blockchain

Enterprise built. Enterprise ready.

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Enterprise Smart Apps


Enterprise Smart Contracts


Distributed Membership


Event Driven

Enterprise blockchain smart contract

Distributed Workflows


Distributed SQL Database


Distributed Documents


Distributed Ledger


Enforceable Digital Signatures


Signature Policies


Parallel Node Architecture for Public or Private Cloud


Dynamic Scalability, Service Redundancy Automatic Failover, Disaster Recovery

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