Sky Republic

Get auditable, multi-tier ESG data
from digital passports

Get ready for Scope 3 reporting, real GHG emission tracking, and circularity

Use Passport zApp to collect verifiable supplier data
and eliminate ESG surveys

Must-have for CSRD in Europe, SB 253 in California, and other ESG Scope 3 reporting

Connect all your supplier and client tiers in the Sky Republic Network

Automate partner onboarding, connection, and discovery in the Sky Republic. Tier N supplier discovery requires consent from Tiers N-1.

Interoperate despite the lack of ESG data standards using our shared metadata repository

Upload your data/documents in a digital supplier passport and describe the content with shared definitions for easy integration.

Collect and share verifiable supplier data for certification audits

Ensure that the data origin, authenticity, and validity can be verified by ESG auditors via NIST/eIDAS compliant digital signatures.

Automate questionnaire campaigns and responses

Automate ESG surveys and the collection of supplier data. Suppliers can automatically respond via their digital passport.

Constantly sync suppliers' latest information and monitor ESG risks

Track and trace updates in suppliers' data and records via their digital passports

Automate data exchanges with all your partners,
no matter what ESG software they use

With Passport zApp, sustainability practitioners are freed up to focus on higher value activities

Sky Republic Digital Passport Network collects, manages, and integrates supplier data across supply chain tiers

Passport zApp has progressive subscription plans
so you can quickly start and scale

Reduce manual tasks up to 95% and save $x00K per year

Create / share
your digital passport
Connect / sync
suppliers' passports
Create / answer
Create / use
shared metadata
+ usage fees
+ usage fees
Answer only
Use only
Enterprise plan +
Free plans for your suppliers
Contact us
for a quote
Limited supplier plan
paid by Galaxy user
Sharing limited
to Galaxy user
Answer only
Use only

Build your zApps with Atlas zPaaS
to track real carbon emissions, enable circularity, and more!

Enable your sustainability and performance goals with apps and digital passports that fit your business

zPaaS enables your sustainability and performance goals via digital supplier passports, digital product passports, and digital process passports.

Get verifiable data for sustainability and performance

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