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Airlines are racing to find fake parts in Airbus and Boeing aircrafts using CFM56 engines built by Safran and GE


Airlines are racing to find fake parts in #airbus and #boeing aircrafts using CFM56 engines built by #safran and #GE. Counterfeit products can be as good as genuine ones and we can only hope it’s the case here. Parts came with forged certificates according to #easa.

The solution includes creating for each part a digital passport logging its current state (airworthy or not, scrapped, stolen, etc.) and ownership. Passports must be secured by the manufacturer or a trusted third-party for confidentiality. Certificates must be also delivered in digital formats with digital signatures (ATA Spec 42) for potential buyers to verify validity and identity/credentials of the signer.

Cost of such solution is neglectable related to the cost of an aircraft engine ($10-30M) for example … and could save passenger lives.

Ghost inventory could also be reduced in part marketplaces where “bait and switch” is a frequent malpractice.

WIN WIN WIN for Airlines, OEMs, and passengers.

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