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Sky Republic Unveils Digital Passport Network To Automate ESG Data Exchanges

New Technology Fights ESG Fatigue And Simplify ESG Reporting For Greater Sustainability

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, January 18, 2024 / — Sky Republic, provider of the first zero-trust application platform as a service (zPaaS), announces the launch of Passport—the first zero-trust app for digital supplier passports. With this new, solution-agnostic technology, enterprises subject to ESG reporting regulations can now collect verifiable supplier data for certification audits and automate data exchanges with their partners.

By reducing manual collection tasks by up to 95% and providing verifiable, multi-tier supply chain data, Sky Republic’s Passport app fights ESG fatigue and enables a transparent, net-zero carbon economy.

Today, the largest enterprises collect ESG data via survey forms or emails and attachments from up to hundreds of thousands of suppliers, who must also manually key the same information in hundreds of heterogeneous client systems. The entire process is time-consuming and prone to error, making it nearly impossible for auditors to verify the authenticity and validity of supplier data on which enterprises base their reporting.

As ESG regulations are multiplying and getting more complex with Scope 3 requirements, these problems are intensifying. The EU’s CSRD and California’s SB 253 disclosure regulations both require companies to report on Scope 3 emissions in FY24 and FY26, respectively.

Scope 3 emissions—those of third parties along supply chains—make up 65% to 95% of most companies’ carbon emissions and must be monitored to transition successfully to a net-zero economy.

With Passport, Sky Republic shifts the current paradigm of one-to-one ESG data exchange. A supplier digitally signs and uploads its data and documents in a digital passport and permissions access to Tier 1 or Tier N clients. The digital passport is securely and confidentially managed by Sky Republic zPaaS, which will notarize and replicate the content for permissioned clients to verify and store.

Passport minimizes manual tasks for suppliers and ensures data verifiability for clients. Other benefits from leveraging Sky Republic’ zPaaS and business network include:
• Easier discovery and connection to Tier N suppliers
• Data interoperability—despite the lack of standards—via a shared data dictionary
• Continuous monitoring of ESG risks

Sky Republic Digital Passport Network
Passport zApp automates data exchanges among partners—no matter what ESG software they use—so sustainability practitioners can focus on higher value activities.

“Most enterprises already have numerous supplier platforms, and some hesitate to invest in another dedicated to ESG reporting,” says Chris Fabre, founder and CEO of Sky Republic. “By adopting Passport, enterprises not only solve the data collection challenge of their sustainability team but also enable zPaaS in their ecosystem for their digital supply chain team.”

Mr. Fabre, who spent 10 years as CEO of the B2B integration and API Leader Axway, says that “zPaaS enables enterprise organizations to build their own zero-trust apps. For example, they can track product provenance or real GHG emissions across supplier tiers via digital product passports. Other use case is to track assets and tasks via digital process passports, which can boost artificial intelligence and control tower solutions with deeper data for making better, faster decisions.”

Sky Republic’s Passport and zPaaS unlock sustainability and performance in enterprise supply chains with verifiable, multi-tier data. Through simple subscription plans, large enterprises can quickly onboard their entire supply chain network and integrate their ESG or ERP software.

About Sky Republic
Founded in 2016 by world-class middleware experts, Sky Republic was named a pioneer in four Gartner Hype Cycles in 2023. The company offers the first zero-trust app platform as a service (zPaaS) to unlock sustainability and performance in enterprise supply chains with verifiable, multi-tier data. For more information, visit

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